Asian men have historically been portrayed as weak, unattractive and never getting the girl (or boy) they desire in Western film and media. Kevin wants to debunk these myths, which has lead to self loathing, limiting beliefs and career choices, and even how people treat him, in what people consume in content by creating media nad content that shatters those stereotypes. He realizes how powerful Media and Entertainment is on how people treat each other and have unconscious biases. He’s struggled for years with crappy stereotypical scripts, roles, and jobs that were humiliating, unartistic, that went against his moral compass.This is the reason is why he got into TV and film producing and writing his own stories that he wanted told instead of letting the luck of the draw hit him through an agent or a writer. As he is still open to audition for roles suitable for him, he is only taking on roles that are leading men material and will settle for nothing less, which is why he often says he’s not an Actor in the traditional sense but loves and respects the craft too much to call himself an Actor. Especially in a town where everyone and their mother are actors. From being selective and having a mission, he’s been the subject of a documentary called “The Ugly Model,” (Distribution Needed), seen in Wong Fu productions, was the boyfriend in “Bruce,” which can be seen on Amazon, and have many more projects in development” If you have the same beliefs and mission as Kevin, and have projects, scripts, and characters that are aligned, he would love to hear from you.


“I was always angry because I felt like my voice wasn’t being  heard. Asian men are viewed as humble, quiet, and smart, but at the same time not sexually attractive or having personalities. We  were seen as second best and having secondary options. I spoke  about this, but was seen as an angry Asian man and told not to  take it personally.  After talking with Jeremy Lin at the Sixers  game about Asian masculinity, I realized I wasn’t the only one  with this experience. I decided to help others who had felt the  same way with their confidence and self-esteem, and in return, I  received confidence and self-esteem.” - Kevin TaeJin Kreider