Kevin Kreider's Matcha

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“I’m taking top-rated supplements. So why am I anxious, irritable, and distracted?”

When proprietary-blended supplements made Kevin Kreider feel terrible, he thought it was in his head. Then he learned they used suspicious ingredients. 

Kevin was shocked. Angry. Worried for his health. A longtime bodybuilder, he swore he would never trust supplement companies for energy again. 

He turned to Eastern medicine, sampling science-backed herbs one at a time. When he got to plant-based cognitive enhancers called nootropics, they stopped his racing mind in its tracks: Literally, overnight, Kevin felt more clarity and endurance than ever before.

Kevin began combining Matcha and natural ingredients.

His favorite blend became a habit. Its benefits kept coming: Steady energy, increased productivity, laser focus, massive pump at the gym, no anxiety, ups, or downs. Unlike caffeine-loaded supplements that kept him from coffee, Kevin’s mix of Eastern and Western supplements (even with a little caffeine needed for natural ingredient L-theanine to work) let him safely drink a cup each morning.

A nod to his enhanced, productive, healthier reality.

It’s the smooth, safe supplement he wishes he had all along, with transparency he’ll never budge on. Unlike supplements featuring mysterious “proprietary blends,” His product discloses every ingredient and its dosage - because you should never wonder what’s going in your body.

"No games. No mystery ingredients. The best of East and West in one. "

12-week program


Dynamic workout and nutrition plan designed to evolve with you as you progress! Online workout tutorial videos featuring Kevin Kreider can be accessed anytime, anywhere – from mobile or desktop! Your subscription never expires, so these videos are yours for good!


Nutrition is half the battle. Body Shredder comes with a macro-budgeting diet that shows how you can eat the foods you love while reaching body goals. It’s easy to follow and track!


Can gain muscle and shed fat in the gym without a spending money on an expensive personal trainer.

Can eat the food you like - chocolate… cheesecake… pancakes…whatever! Be guilt-free and stay lean while gaining muscle and strength.

Don’t have to make losing body fat a full-time job, spending all your waking hours prepping
for meals and working out.