Parker Hurley

Model, Soul Artist Management, NYC

Growing up I was the nerdy fat kid. I went to Kevin looking to just gain a few pounds of muscle, but in the process, I’ve been able to make a living with my art work as well as a model in New York. I still consult with Kevin when there is a big shoot coming up and I want to look my best.

-Personalized Physique Plans and One on One Coaching

Lou Valerio

Founder of Progressive Financial Collection Agency

Before training with Kevin, my cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and health were out of control. Kevin taught me the tools to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. I went to my doctor three months later and he told me I was as healthy as a man in his early 20’s. After six months of training, I found the love of my life. I truly believe without Kevin’s coaching, I wouldn’t even be alive today.

Chelsea Courtney

Actor, NYC

Before I started working with Kevin, I had lost about 10 pounds from running, but I plateaued hard and fast and was left “skinny-fat” all over. I was over-working and under-eating. More than a decade of yo-yo dieting had left me with a slow metabolism, and I started seeing results with a nutritional plan that’s flexible and less restrictive. Kevin has given me a plan that continues to deliver results and one that I can maintain throughout my life. In addition to the great physical results I continue to see, I’ve become more positive, relaxed, and confident. I don’t stress about every little thing I eat; I’ve stopped comparing myself to others: I feel comfortable in my own skin, even if I’m not “perfect.” The body image issues I battled no longer control my thoughts, and I am proud of the strong person I am with the strong body I’ve worked for.

Thank you for being an amazing friend, trainer, support system and for literally carrying my ass around when I was worked too hard and destroyed my knees/back/body. Yes, I worked my ass off, but I wouldn’t have gotten here without you.

Personalized Virtual Training

Perfect for people at every level. My goal is to meet you where you are and help take you to where you want to be.

Mike Falci

Surgical Resident at Reading Hospital

I wanted to be in the best shape of my life for my wedding in 6 months and his program gave me the results I wanted.  I went to Kevin because of his reputation and he taught me how to macro count, train on my own, and I followed a supplement routine.  He gave me the guidance and the tools, and I applied them to be in the best shape for the most memorable day of my life.

-Enrolled in the Camera Ready Body Virtual Training Program

Nick Pilla

Natural Bodybuilder

Competing in a bodybuilding show has been my dream for a number of years. I was al- ways into health and fitness, and lifting was a daily part of my life and routine but I could never commit to actually competing. That was until I met Kevin. Kevin and I met at the 12th Street Gym in Philadelphia and he offered to train me for my first ever bodybuilding show. On January 12th we committed to working together towards our goal of competing on May 2nd in the Mr. Philly Natural 2015. We began training for the show 12 weeks out and Kevin was there with me supporting me and guiding me every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better trainer. During the initial stages, Kevin helped me establish realistic goals moving into the show, including concepts such as counting my macro nutrients, guiding me for nutritional advice, supplements, posing practice, as well as helping me to identify specific muscle groups of my body that needed improved conditioning and training. Kevin also served as my number one resource for motivation. On days when I was feeling weak or down in the dumps or unable to stick to my diet plan, Kevin was just a text away and would respond in a manner that would enable me to stick to my goals and help me keep my mind thinking ahead for the long term goal. Kevin would not let me quit or fail. He was always there to pick me up when I felt I could not go on anymore. He was undeniably supportive and believed in me every step of the way along the path. I would never have been able to achieve my goals without the help of Kevin and he made my dream become a reality. The hard work, sacrifice, and dedication it took to stand on that stage in the best shape of my life were all made possible because of Kevin’s willingness to guide me as not only a trainer, but a friend as well. Bringing home a 4th out of 9, and 2nd out of 5 finish in my first ever bodybuilding show was just the icing on the cake. I would HIGHLY recommend Kevin as a trainer, not just for someone looking to compete in bodybuilding, but for someone simply looking for a trainer as well. His knowledge and guidance along the path were truly second to none! Kevin made it possible for me to turn my dream into reality.

Brian Cherry

Everyday Man

Brian was coming off a hypothyroid and started doing Intermittent Fasting and enrolled in my Body Shred Tone and Transform.  With a virtual training program, he was able to shred the fat fast!

Enrolled in Body Shred Tone and Transform