Look Like A Super Hero With Super Sliders

Floor sliders are used in addition to in home workout programs, but can also be used for anyone who goes to the gym.  My favorite exercise to use for Super Sliders are chest flys.


The cable chest flys are often the most popular exercise in the gym, and it takes up the whole cable machine, not to mention there’s often a wait for the machine.  By the time the equipment is available, you are probably off your 30 second recommended rest period, and it turns into 5 minutes.


 If you like are most people who work out during peak hours, from 7 am.-8 a.m, and then 5 p.m.-7 p.m., you’ll often run into this problem.  Super Sliders for chest flys solves this problem because they can be used on any type of floors.  Its important to find different ways to make exercises more challenging for income workout programs so this is a perfect and affordable piece of equipment to add to your in-home arsenal.


Super Sliders are easy to pack if your on the go like I am.  I can get a workout anywhere without any hotel equipment when I have Super Sliders with me.  They are light and take up very little room in your travel back.  I’m often able to pack super sliders with my carry on luggage, so I don’t have to check any bags in for my flight.
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