Beyond Muscle and Stereotypes

Kevin is a Korean American Adoptee who was bullied, made fun of for being Asian, and turned down from jobs and dating because of his ethnicity.  This left him feeling powerless, lost, and angry.

Because he sucked at math and science, he didn’t think there would be a purpose to life.  He discovered Fitness and bodybuilding.

He started to feel confident and commanded respect from the inner and outer transformation.

But he was not finished.

For decades, fitness has been a key part of Kevin’s life, helping him to achieve his personal goals and pursue a career in modeling and acting.  Diving into the entertainment and fitness industries has given Kevin Kreider a platform to rise above the stereotypes that come along with being an Asian-American man.

He lost his hair from Alopecia Areata in 2013 and skateboarded across America.  He didn’t find what he was looking for which was a self-discovering journey and more self-esteem.

Years later, when Kevin started to help others build their confidence and self-esteem, he got the same in return and finally found what he was searching for.

Now it’s your turn

I want to help redirect you to feel confident, masculine, and powerful so that you can contribute to society to your fullest potential while feeling limitless.

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